About the brand

“Look up and be certain your special Native Jones garments are created with love as the fullmoon lights up the sky.”

Spirituality, holistisc wisdom and sustainability are build into fundament of the Copenhagen based slowfashion brand Native Jones. The mission for Native Jones is to create a spiritual connection between women and their garments. The collection is designed for an entire year, but only one item is launched per month, This is because each garment is inspired by the different fullmoon energies.

“The individual garments have special crystal combinations sewed into them which supports the energy for the specific fullmoon.”

Sustainability is a very important for the designer, this is why all the garments are made form 100% organic cotton. To minimize plastic pollution we aim to have a no-plastic tolorance, and the garments are being created to order, to help reduce waste and overproduction.

About the designer

The designer behind the brand is Nicole Jones, having her own brand has been in her dreams her entire life.

Nicole has a great passion for creating, shaping and making her visions come true. Since leaving school she has been working on shaping her future as a designer.

In April 2019 she launched the brand Native Jones, giving her costumers an alternative way express style, personality and self-care  while still treating the earth with respect.