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Luna Brooch

I am the Luna Brooch. I am created in a collaboration between Miel Handmade and Native Jones. I am entirely handmade. I am created around the energies of the moon to support you on your journey. The gorgeous brooches are made with love and with the intention of empowering the goddess who wears it.

To help support the specific moon energy, I come in two different styles:


  • I contain a Moonstone crystal. It is closely connected to the feminine energy. And it supports qualities of intuition, psychic ability, and flowing with grace. It can illuminate the shadows so that you can release. Moonstone is a very powerful crystal, and can help you connect to your full, true self.


  • I contain a Labradorite crystal. It reminds us of the spirit world, a dimension where anything is possible. The Labradorite meaning is associated with shamanism. It lets us dream and lights up our path so it is visible enough to set goals to reach it.

I am a holder of fabric and textiles, and can be used for your clothes, scarfs, bags and other textiles around you and your home. I am an empowering wearable art piece, made with so much love and passion, just for you.

You will get a beautifull pouch made from from our Native Jones zero-waste concept for fabrics +  2 Luna Brooches, and you get to costumize the crystals you wish to have in the drop-down menu under this text.

Set of 2.



The brooches are made by hand by Mie, from Miel handmade.

The brooches are made in a thoughtful process with the future owner of the piece in mind. Like any great story, this is a journey of discovery and awareness. And it begins by with finding the perfect crystals, so we have chosen the Labradorite for the new moon and Moonstone for the full moon.

(All gems has been regenerated by our loving sun by laying at least one day in her beams)

After Mie has found the perfect crystal for you, it’s time to start creating your magical brooches. She starts by feeling the vibration of the stone and seeing the brooch in her minds eye. The process of setting an intention and a general understanding of what you want to achieve and manifest.

The next step is carefully shaping and wrapping the piece one string at the time. Like every bead in a prayer necklace has a spiritual teaching, every single wrap in these pieces are intentional. They are symbolizing the energies coming from the moon.

After the birth of a little piece of wearable art, Mie gives the final touch on the ornament by introducing a tactile element, the hammered brass end. Adding structure and a ending to the brooch symbolizes the end of a moon cycle.

Like anything else in life it’s part of a circle.

  • It begins with a thought
  • It gains momentum
  • It gets introduced to the world
  • It makes a difference
  • It inspires
  • It is, you.

You’re the power beneath the potential and everything needs an ending, to be reborn with new beginnings.

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Choose your two Luna Brooches

1 Full Moon left side – 1 Full Moon right side, 1 New Moon Left – 1 Full Moon Right, 2 Full Moon Luna Brooches, 2 New Moon Luna Brooches