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Native Jones Tote Bag

I can contain almost anything… Crystals, incense, yoga clothes, reusable travel mugs, bamboo straws, reusable cutlery and many other sustainable gadget. We would love to see what you carry in your Native Jones Tote Bag. So take a picture and tag us on Instagram @nativejonesofficial or use the hashtag #nativejonestote We can’t wait to see your flatlays!


You will now get your own healing crystal inside the tote. This will help all your loved belongings to be protected. You can choose between:
The confidence boosting Carnelian – The master manifestor Clear Quartz – The wise Lapis Lazuli!


Price: DKK 250,- (incl. moms 25%)



I am made from 100% organic and fairly-traded cotton. Produced by Neutral® and sent to be embroidered in Denmark

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Clear Quartz, Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli