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November Cardi

I am designed around the energies of the November fullmoon: Frosty Moon, which means that I am created with inspiration from relaxation, sacred healing, but also heartfull and soothing feelings.

To help support this specific fullmoon energy, I contain three gemstones:

  • A Amazonite which is a soothing stone. It calms the brain and nervous system and aligns the physical body with the mind.
  • A Lapis Lazuli gemstone which is a protective stone, that contacts spirit guardians. It encourages taking charge of life.
  • A Pink Opal which fills your aura with tranquillity and peaceful energy. It is especially beneficial for sensitive and loving people.

These gemstones, are sewn into the garment, this way they are close to your skin. These healing gemstones, are for YOU! Not as an embellishment for others to see, but for you to feel.

Model wears size L



I am made from 100% organic cotton. My cotton comes from Turkey, the cotton is also dyed and produced in Turkey. I am then sent from Germany to Denmark for my creation in the Native Jones studio.

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