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October Dress

I am designed around the Harvest Moon, which means that I am created with inspiration from hibernation, heavy energy and magic.

To help support this specific fullmoon energy, I contain three gemstones:

  • A Carnelian gemstone which stimulates creativity and helps you trust yourself. The carnelian activates the root chakra and it invigorates the mind and body.
  • A Pyrite which is the symbol of wealth and luck. It strengthens motivation and reconnects you to Mother Nature.
  • A Quartz which is the most powerful healing stone and energy amplifier on the planet. Quartz has the ability to attune you to your spiritual purpose.

These gemstones, are sewn into the blouse, so that you can feel them on your skin. These healing gemstones, are for YOU! Not as an embellishment for others to see, but for you to feel.



I am made from 100% organic cotton. My cotton comes from Uganda, and is produced in Germany. I am then sent from Germany to Denmark for my creation in the Native Jones studio.

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