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Returning To Avalon Robe

This spaceholder-robe is a collaboration between Native Jones and Avalon Khaan.

I am the Returning To Avalon, spacehodler-robe. I am created in collaboration between Native Jones and Avalon Khaan. I am designed around YOU. I am here to support you, in journey with finding your spotlight on the stage of life. I am created to sorround you in a protective space, that can assitst you in your mission work. Wrap yourself into this organic nature fabric, and feel the love of your sisters. You Got This!⁣⁣
To help support you, I contain three gems:⁣⁣
• A freshwater pearl which is a protector, the symbol of wisdom, karma balencer and connection to the sea.⁣⁣
• An Amber pearl or as we call it “gold of the sea”. It is a talisman of beauty, protection and renewal. Amber is a natural purifier of the mind and spirit.⁣⁣
• A mini seashell as a representation of Avalon’s “modtager musling” and to connect you to the water element. ⁣⁣
These gemstones, are sewn into the robe, so that you can feel them on your skin. These healing gemstones, are for YOU! Not as an embellishment for others to see, but for you to feel.

Avalon wears the size L in photos❤



I am made from 100% organic cotton. My cotton is from Uganda and Kyrgyzstan, it is then weaved in Germany. I am then sent from Germany to Denmark for my creation in the Native Jones studio.


The energy behind this robe,
is there to make you feel supported. protected and centered enough,
to go out on your stage and be
the spaceholder that you are here to be.
If that is being the best mother or the next Oprah – just being your type of Love leader.

“When I wear my Returning To Avalon Robe, I am sitting in my own protective space. That way I can be so much more in tune, with what I am here to do” – Avalon Khaan

We wish to support you on your mission work. Our intention with The Returning To Avalon Robe,
is for you to feel that you can sit in your own space, whithin the space you are creatingfor others.

“This co-creation is the most besutiful journey and creative process I have ever experienced. The Returning To Avalon Robe, is created only in the most sustainable and ethical cotton. I will make sure, that it is created with the highest light and with respect for Mother Earth.”
– Nicole owner of Native Jones

It is our biggest honor to support you!

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